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2009 Talent Analysis Part V- The Conferences #2 ACC

In most cases there’s a direct correlation between talent level and on field success but more than any other league the ACC defies this. The ACC is truly home to both over achievers and under achievers alike.

Elite Talent
Florida State at 8.0- The Noles have gone 31-21 over the last four seasons despite having one of the most talented rosters in the country. FSU might be the epitome of an unhealthy program at this point with a litany of off field issues over the last few seasons. Despite this they are truly a sleeping giant that could be awakened at any time.
Miami at 11.2- The Canes are on more of an upward trend under Randy Shannon. Things started to slip in the Coker era but Shannon is recruiting like a madman and whipping these kids into shape. The Canes will be very formidable once again in the very near future. Luther Campbell is re-assembling the 2 Live Crew.

Great Talent
Clemson at 19- Tommy Bowden did a great job recruiting but the coaching and program health were poor. The 2009 recruiting class was a big drop off and the jury is still out on Dabo Swinney.
Good Talent
Virginia Tech at 23.4- The Hokies are the ultimate over achievers. They have dominated the ACC since joining the league in 2004 winning 3 Conference Titles in 5 years. Frank Beamer and his staff do an outstanding job with these kids and definitely get the most out of them. DC Bud Foster is critical and minus a few blips like Marcus Vick program health has been pretty good.
North Carolina at 27- The Heels are trending up under Butch Davis who did it once before at Miami. Expect them to continue to get better until they are consistently in the mix at the top of the conference.

The Rest
Virginia at 35- The Hoos have been really inconsistent in the Groh era. Coaching issues and program health led to another staff realignment following the 2008 season.
NC State at 41.8- Tom O’Brien and his staff showed flashes of his BC style over achieving in the latter half of 2008.
Boston College at 45- BC has over achieved under the last two regimes by developing players for 3-4 years and getting the most out of them on the field as seniors and 5th years. With that they just signed a terrible 2009 recruiting class as Frank Spaziani takes over following a ridiculously dramatic coaching change. No telling where this train is headed.
Georgia Tech at 46.4- Paul Johnson is the epitome of a head man that utilizes great coaching, great program health and an old school option attack to level the playing field.
Duke at 58.2- David Cutcliffe is highly regarded for his development of the Manning brothers but coaching Duke up could potentially become his greatest coaching achievement if he can pull it off.
Wake Forest at 69.6- Jim Grobe and his staff have truly maximized their talent of late winning the conference in 2006 and going to three straight bowl games.