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Boy Kiffin making friends in the SEC

Lane Kiffin got off to a rousing start this morning at his post signing day press conference by accusing none other than the Sith Lord himself Urban Meyer of a recruiting violation. A few hours later he was making a formal apology. Turns out he was just straight up wrong. Nice work coach! Apparently Kiffin's parents didn't expose him to any Jim Croce tunes when he was a kid. He'd know better if they had. I guess Monte was too busy designing the Tampa 2 to jam the stereo. Nice way for Boy Kffin to cap off a month where he's already pissed off half the other coaches in the SEC with his own poachmaster recruiting escapades. All in a day's work for a guy that has yet to conduct a single practice as a college head coach. I'm guessing at a minimum this whole episode will result in an extra ugly beat down for Rocky Top at The Swamp next season. Early prediction Gators by pick a number between 60 and 80.