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So Which Hat Is It?

Signing day is cool. There is a lot about it that's exciting. If you are a geek like me, its kind of cool to look at your 4 year position chart and go solid on your brand new Freshmen. With the exception of a few straphangers and primadonnas another class is in the bag. But seriously, enough with these stupid ass hat routines at the announcement. Talk about some all time ridiculous bullshit. Tool of the Day award goes to Alabama commit Dre Kirkpatrick who had a whole elaborate routine complete with the drawn out opening of a hat box, despite the fact that there were a few perfectly good ones sitting in front of him. I blame the fact that I even know this on the ludicrous coverage on ESPN. That and the fact that there's a TV in my office. Is there really anyone out there that's saying "Damn Dre that was tight!" I wonder if Little Nicky told him he was signing 58 other kids like the rest of the SEC? Isn't there an 85 scholarship limit? I could have sworn I read that somewhere. More topics for another day. Once the straphangers settle out I'll post a conference by conference breakdown of the class of 2012 and how they fit into the national talent outlook as a whole for next season. Hope your teams did well today! Truth is with a few exceptions we won't really know for another two years or so anyway.........