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"The Pryor"

Kansas High School Running Back Bryce Brown has evidently decided he's going to pull what I will refer to simply as "The Pryor". A year ago uber-recruit Terrelle Pryor kept a handful of schools not only waiting for him to make a decision but also holding a scholarship for him until well after signing day. In most cases that's a scholarship that could have otherwise been used on a kid that definitely wanted to sign. Sweatervest, Dick Rod and even Joe Pa were all stalking the kid for almost a month after signing day. It was ridiculous watching all of them waste what should have been their month off chasing the primadonna around waiting on his decision. We all know that Pryor ultimately decided on Ohio State. In doing so he may have single handedly delivering a stunning death blow to the career of Dick Rod who desperately needed an athlete like Pryor to run his spread offense at Michigan. But that diatribe is for another post. This year this Bryce Brown kid is taking the whole ridiculousness one step further. He originally committed to Miami (as in "The U" not the one Roethlisberger went to) almost a year ago but recently re-opened his recruitment and plans to wait until after signing day to make a final decision. So here we go again, another pantywaste holding up scholarships at a handful of schools and potentially screwing other more deserving kids out of more desirable slots so that he can play 17 year old famous guy for a month. What horseshit. And to make it better Brown even has a family "advisor" named Brian Butler who's "mentoring" him. Somehow I envision Butler to look like Huggy Bear only more shady and far less intelligent. Note to parents if some local preacher, turned speed coach, turned paid recruiting website guy is advising your kid to hold off on choosing a college while he attempts to represent your kid as some kind of high school agent, tell said individual to pack sand, slap your kid in the face and tell him to go sign a letter of intent Wednesday before he pisses away the opportunity of a lifetime acting like a dumbass. Lost in all of this is the fact that Randy Shannon is putting up with this crap. I'm surprised Mike Irvin and Ray Lewis haven't rolled up on this idiot yet OG style and pimp slapped him. You don't tease the U and live to tell about it! Luther Campbell used to take people out over shit like that!