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Signing Day Looms Recruitnicks Sweat

Only four more days until National Signing Day. Letters of Intent will hum across FAX Machines around the country, and 119 fan bases will wonder if their batch of newly committed high school kids will provide the necessary ingredients to compete for a National Title or in some cases just win a couple of games for a change. Some USC fan out there will be irate because Sneaky Pete only signed fifteen 5 star prospects this year. Some ND fan will scream that Pegleg Charlie hasn't been strapped to a rocket launcher and blasted to the moon yet. Some Florida fan will throw fits because one 5 star kid from the state of Florida had the audacity to resist the charms of the Sith Lord better known as Urban Meyer and take his services elsewhere. In the mean time the last handful of uncommitted "top tier" prospects out there are either making their final visits or in some cases planning one of those ridiculous ball cap swaparound circuses of an announcement for Wednesday. Every coach in the country will spend this weekend living on the phone placating the egos of their current commits and doing everything possible to poach a few from elsewhere. So for all you hard cores out there living in your basement this weekend, reading every posting on every pay site for any last minute news while pounding beers, chain smoking, listening to 80's Hair Metal and filling in every possible combination of names on your 2012 depth chart, you my friend are a rare mix of dedicated coolness and pseudo-creepy despair. And if you happen to be one of those guys, and dug so deep into the internet for something resembling news that you found this, my first ever posting on a blog I've been threatening to start for years, then drink one for me brother, and best of luck to your team in the final 72 hours!!!!!!!