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Ian Book Will Start At Quarterback

We are TURNING THE PAGE apparently.

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Notre Dame Football: Comparing Ian Book to His Irish Quarterback Predecessors

Here’s a statistical comparison of Book to most everyone between Matt LoVecchio and Brandon Wimbush.

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Notre Dame Football: Wake Forest Demon Deacons Preview

Football, forests, and soulless clergymen on motorcycles.

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Notre Dame VS Wake Forest: Staff Picks

Care to make it 4-0?

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Notre Dame Football Update: Wake Forest Week

Well, it’s getting serious now.

Stop Calling For Brandon Wimbush To Be Benched

I’m here to knock some sense into everyone.

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The Anti-Preview: Notre Dame VS Wake Forest


From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Notre Dame Fighting Irish: Wake Forest Demon Deacons Week

Time to take this show on the road....

Notre Dame Football: Hot and Cold Takes for Wake Forest

Get in your Takes and See How We Did Last Week!

Let’s Talk About Your Experience Standing in Notre Dame Stadium

I want to hear stories, both good and bad.

Throwback Thursday: Notre Dame vs. Wake Forest 2012

Taking it back to another drama filled year for the Irish.

What Visitors Should Know, See, And Do On A Notre Dame Football Game Day

Don’t miss out on ANYTHING!

Notre Dame Football over Vanderbilt: Stats That Lie and Stats That Don’t

Was it the officials? Or was it the turnover count?

Notre Dame Football Recruiting

Notre Dame and Vandy accuse each other of BAD FOOTBALL

Derek Mason tells Brian Kelly to "move along" or "come see me" if he’s upset with how Vandy plays.

Notre Dame Football: Wake Forest Demon Deacons Q&A with Blogger So Dear (And Others)

Pat Rick talks to Cam Lemons Debro of Blogger So Dear, as well as some Demon Deacon friends, to get the lowdown on Wake Forest

Betting Lines for Wake Forest Game, Plus Championship and Jafar Armstrong Heisman Odds

Would you rather lay 7 1⁄2 points on the Irish this weekend or drop $25 on Jafar Armstrong winning a Heisman?

Game Week Streams

Notre Dame Haiku: Exorcising The Wake Forest Demon Deacons

Haiku it to me. It’s time to do your duty. Join and Go Irish!

Irish in the NFL: Former Notre Dame WR Michael Floyd Signed by Washington

Josh Adams joins the Philadelphia Eagles’ 53-man squad.

Notre Dame Hockey to Play Wisconsin at the United Center

The Irish will take on the Badgers in Chicago

Reviewing The Officials’ Calls From The Vanderbilt Game

Why didn’t the zebras throw the flag?

Notre Dame Depth Chart VS Wake Forest

A few special changes.

Brian Kelly Says “All Hands On Deck” For Wake Forest

He ain’t worried about minutes man — he’s a minute man.

After Parietals: Does anyone *actually* know the words of the Notre Dame Victory March?

Hint: it doesn’t start with "Cheer Cheer"

One Thought For Wake Forest: Overlook Edition

Will The Fighting Irish Overlook to Demon Deacons?

Three Things From The 22-17 Notre Dame Victory Over Vanderbilt

I’ll take it?

Notre Dame Fighting Irish Basketball

Notre Dame Fighting Irish VS Vanderbilt Commodores: Photo Gallery


Bagpipe Monday: How Wrong Have You Been About Notre Dame Football In 2018?

What sorcery is this?

OFD Podcast: Is “3-0” All That Matters For Notre Dame?

The Brothers Sweigert try to answer this question.

A Study in History

What can we glean from the Irish’s up-and-down start to the season?

Notre Dame are still #8 in the AP Poll after Week 3

Surviving against Vandy wasn’t enough to bump the Irish up.

Notre Dame Remain at #8 in USA Today Coaches Poll After Week 3

The Irish hold the #8 spot for the third straight week.

Notre Dame Fighting Irish VS Vanderbilt Commodores: Player Performances

Another close game with the offense looking less than stellar.

The Vanderbilt Hangover

Perspective and how Notre Dame will go 12-0 (kind of).

This Crazy Play Helped Notre Dame Beat Vanderbilt

Is this football or is this rugby?

The Irish Offense Continues To Make No Sense At All In The Redzone

Notre Dame’s win over Vanderbilt only provides more confusion.


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