About Us

Here's your opportunity to get to know the One Foot Down staff a little better.


Location: Southern California

Bio: Whiskey is a coach's kid who grew up on the sidelines of West Texas High School Football stadiums and tagging along with his Dad to meet with assorted college recruiters over a chicken fry. By age 10 he was obsessed with college football and like his old man, an intense Notre Dame fan. Fast forward 20 years and after the 2008 season he became frustrated with fatalistic tone of the conversation about ND football and decided to try and start a more rational conversation of his own. The scope of his original idea was broad but it eventually zeroed in on his life-long fandom for the Fighting Irish. Whiskey was a one-man show for 15 months before recruiting like-minded writers that he discovered on the interwebs. Somewhere in there OFD took off. When he isn't writing posts or managing the site, he is often travelling the globe draining the alcohol supply of assorted seedy establishments and getting into gunfights. He maintains his cover as an average SoCal family man that enjoys sports and a good cookout.

Favorite Irish Player: Kevin McDougal

Favorite Irish Coach: Lou Holtz

Guilty Pleasures: California Burritos, Cheeseburgers, Beer, and Whiskey

Favorite Soft Drink: Big Red

Nemesis: Time

Eric Murtaugh

Location: Western New York

Bio: Eric serves as the resident lead writer at OFD and enjoys a good op-ed piece as much as a thorough game preview. As a former hockey player, Eric brings a presence to the site that is incredibly gritty. He dislikes math with a passion but adores a variety of sports statistics. Eric considers himself a sports uniform connoisseur and is obsessed with the Beatles and classic rock in general. He is a firm believer that Eric Lindros should have been a first-ballot Hall of Famer and he enjoys playing guitar, playing golf and tennis, and reading anything college football related in his free time. Eric calls the bubbly soft drink "pop" and believes that Western New York is the true gateway---or beginning---of the Midwest. He was once lulled to sleep by the hushed crowd at the 2010 Tulsa game, while the Grotto is his favorite place on campus. Eric is half-Irish (if he's lucky) with his ancestors coming from Knock, County Mayo, but he is an American and patriot first and foremost. He hates when people back into parking spaces, interrupt sentences, and talk loudly on their cell phone. He loves military history, melodic music, and a university for which he did not attend. You can find him on Twitter @EMurtaughOFD.

Favorite Irish Player: Rocket Ismail

Golf Handicap: 20

Beer of Choice: Guinness

Favorite Shoe: Reebok Allen Iverson Question (Low)

Favorite Website: Uni-Watch.com


Location: Pretty close to Lake Erie

Bio: Burgs (as his friends call him) is the OFD film guy. If you want to know why that play went for 20 yards instead of 2 yards, he's the guy to ask. An avid runner, burger likes to run distances that make normal people cringe. He is a giant dork, which is obvious once you notice the United States Frequency Allocation poster hanging up in his room. When he's not thinking about college football, burgs enjoys playing sports of all kind, reading a good book, and enjoying a bottle of anything from Great Lakes Brewing Co. As a Cleveland sports fan, burger is used to constant disappointment, making it easy for him to keep a level head in the post-Holtz era of ND football.

Favorite Irish Player: Golden Tate

Favorite Website: Smart Football

Favorite Offensive Formation: Flexbone

Favorite Food: Anything Italian

Favorite Sports Broadcaster: Austin Carr & Tom Hamilton (tie)

Jim Miesle

Location: Central Indiana

Bio: Jim is the OFD Recruiting Coordinator, a job that demands long hours of reading frivolity on the interwebs and disseminating to our loyal audience. He abhors referring to himself in the third-person, and recently took the plunge into a strange and wonderful world known as parenthood. His non-work time (formerly modified with adjectives such as "free" or "spare") used to be filled with athletic endeavors, reading several pages of text bound together into something loosely called a "book" and DIY projects of his own or better-half's design. If left to his own devices Jim would spend every fall Saturday absorbing as much college football as possible. Sadly, Jim is also a Cubs fan, so to him 15 years of post-Holtz football are nothing more than a drop in the proverbial bucket.

Notre Dame Record When In Attendance: 4-1 (home), 0-2 (road)

Favorite Notre Dame Coach: Lou Holtz

Favorite Uniform Number: 21

Favorite Website: Amazon---if they don't have it, you don't need it

Favorite Guilty Pleasure: Infomercials


Location: Pittsburgh

Bio: CW is a 2008 graduate of Notre Dame and former member of Dillon Hall. Originally from the Pittsburgh area, he did not grow up an Irish fan, but got a quick lesson on the life they lead when he watched his first game as a student: the 2004 road loss at BYU, when Matt Payne rained down special teams death. (His first home game, the upset over Michigan, was much more enjoyable.) CW does not understand how people can prefer the NFL to college football, North Dining Hall to South Dining Hall or "Coming to Your City" to the old Bubba Sparxxx "College Gameday" theme. His twitter handle is @RakesOfMallow, the song title of the Irish jig and CW's ND blog from 2006 to 2011.

Favorite ND Games Attended: 2004 Michigan, 2005 USC, 2006 @ Georgia Tech, 2006 Penn State, 2006 UCLA, 2010 Yankee Stadium vs. Army, 2010 @ USC, 2004-05 basketball vs. undefeated Boston College

Least Favorite ND Games Attended: 2004 Purdue, 2006 Michigan, 2007 @ Penn State (and basically every other game that season other than Duke and even that wasn't exactly fun), 2010 Michigan

Preferred Nickname for Michael Floyd: St. Michael

Favorite Bowl Location: New Orleans

Favorite South Bend Bar: Finnies/The Viw (tie)

Favorite South Bend Pizza & Burger: Rocco's and The View


Location: Lansing, MI

Bio: Alstein is contractually a basketball writer for OFD but will dabble in some football because few things rev his engine quite like good offensive line play. He graduated from Notre Dame into shocking underemployment and is predictably in grad school now at a rival school. Alas, he joined OFD just a few months too late to literally be a blogger living in his parents' basement, which really damages his credibility. He studies strategic management in grad school, which he will tell you is more interesting than it sounds. He is cynical about pretty much everything in life except for sports, which he just constantly finds ways to enjoy, even when end results are less than desirable.

Notre Dame record when in attendance: Not great. Went to ND for Weis years 2-5. Since then, BK and I are 5-2.

Favorite Uniform Number: Anything ending in 4. Weirdo.

Favorite Notre Dame Individual Season: In 2007, Trevor Laws recorded 112(!) tackles. As a 3-4 DE. He out-tackled each AA defensive lineman that year by at least 32, including more tackles than Vernon Gholston had in his college career. Absurd video game numbers.

Lifelong dream: Be a contestant on Jeopardy, go into Final Jeopardy winning in a runaway, see a sports-related category come up, bet all my money even though I could play it safe, and nail it.

Favorite Guilty Pleasure: Seriously? Where do I start? Cartoons, HGTV, syndicated game shows, making Excel spreadsheets, NPR...


Location: South Bend, IN

Bio: Fish is the latest to join the writers at OFD. She has been at Notre Dame since 2008, when she nearly ran over Jimmy Clausen in the C1 parking lot. Fish does a lot of reading and a lot of writing when not following the Irish (a lot of reading and writing), but also does a good deal of cooking, running (so long as it's over 7 degrees F, which is never a given in good ol' South Bend), and things generally out-of-doors. With no television in the house, Saturdays in the fall are spent in places with large TVs watching Irish football and trying not to draw too much awkward attention (that off-field equivalent of the yellow flag) for either excessive celebration or unsportsmanlike conduct.

Notre Dame record when in attendance: 3-1 (the sole loss was in 4OT and the 3 wins all involved loads of rain)

Favorite Notre Dame play in 2011: Robert Blanton's interception and return against MSU

Favorite uniform number: 10

Favorite thing to do that you can't do in South Bend: Swimming in the ocean

Favorite guilty pleasure: Reading parodic Twitter feeds


Location: Washington, DC

Bio: 4pointshooter is a basketball writer for OFD and is a Notre Dame alumnus of the class of 2010. When not covering Notre Dame roundball for OFD, 4pointshooter is figuring out how to get a job in this legal market. He is also a fan of the Orlando Magic which has taught him to hate all dominant big men who use the moniker "Superman" as their nickname.

Notre Dame Record When In Attendance: 16-10 (as a student) 1-0 (as a alum)

Favorite Uniform Number: 17

Favorite Notre Dame Basketball Player: Tim Abromaitis - thanks for the "A-" in Macro the summer of '08 (A)bro!

Favorite Website: Dappered

Favorite Guilty Pleasure: Late 90s Pop music...I'M SO SORRY

Mouth of the South

Location: Whereabouts unknown, but The Mouth has been spotted as far southeast as Delacroix Island, Louisiana, as far North as Notre Dame, Indiana, and as far west as Fort Worth, Texas.

Bio: The Mouth covers... what exactly does the Mouth cover for One Foot Down? Maybe it would be easier to delineate what The Mouth doesn't cover. His scope isn't hard-hitting analysis. That's more Murtaugh's milieu. He doesn't cover X's and O's. Such falls squarely within Burger's bailiwick. The realms of recruiting and roundball? Reserved for Messrs. Miesle and 4PointShooter, alstein, and CW, respectively. Beautiful verse, elegant prose, and visual wizardry? Nay, those are Fishoutofwater's forte. Pithy commentary and rapier witticisms laced with perhaps a little too much reliance upon the cultural dross of pop culture references and specious pseudo-intellectualism? The Mouth would never flatter himself so....

Favorite Notre Dame Shoe/Sock Combination: Black shoes with white socks and white spats.

Favorite Fictional Role Models/Mentors: Atticus Finch, Dr. Gonzo, Tom Hagen, Michael Clayton, Jack McCoy, and Ron Swanson.

Favorite Website Not Named One Foot Down: One Foot Down is second, with OFD and One Foot Down in a close tie for third. Coming in at fifth is Listverse. I caution you do avoid Listverse, however, because between OFD and Listverse you will never accomplish anything again.

Favorite Irish-Related Movie: Fifty Dead Men Walking. It's about the other Irish, the ones from across the pond. It has Ben Kingsley and it's about the IRA. See it now.

Favorite Hobbies: Writing for One Foot Down, reading, retreats and quiet meditation, maintaining peak physical fitness for fisticuffs that inevitably ensue when angry commenters come calling, eating all things edible (which considerably impedes the prior hobby), playing chess on Chess.com iPhone app, shoes, enjoying the blues, and last but most importantly, preparing for the birth of his first child.


Location: Cary, NC

Bio: Joe graduated from Notre Dame in 1995, just as this whole interweb thing was getting started. He was asked to join the OFD staff to provide some insight on basketball along some first hand memories of the Holtz and MacLeod eras on campus. Now, living in the heart of ACC country, he's also been able to keep his pulse on the new conference territory. Joe has coached youth basketball since he was 15 years old, and has since branched out into both soccer and LAX with his son. With an eye on coaching philosophy, player development, and sportsmanship, Joe also watches every single ND coach press conference and enjoys breaking them down for OFD. He works for a large technology company, has been married 15+ years, has two very active kids, and is working to get his handicap index into the single digits. After reading all that, it is amazing for him to think he also has time left to write about himself in the 3rd person.

Favorite Irish Player: LaPhonso Ellis

Favorite Irish Sporting Moment: Plugging in the #1 sign on Grace Hall in 1993.

Favorite Uniform Number: 5 - I wore 85 in HS football, 55 in HS basketball, and 5 in HS volleyball.

Missing Digits: Right big toe - long story.


Location: Chicago, Illinois

Bio: Pburns2010 doesn't believe in quantum physics when it comes to matters of Notre Dame football. He believes in the soul, the play clock, the zone read, the small of a woman's back, the wheel route against man coverage, four verticals, good scotch, that the postings of A Cross are self-indulgent, overrated crap. He believes Reggie Bush acted alone. He believes there ought to be a constitutional amendment outlawing the 3-3-5 and Michigan's fight song. He believes in the soft spots in Cover 2, statistics pornography, complaining about your team Saturday night instead of Monday morning and he believes in long, fast, impressive scoring drives that last three plays.

Favorite Pass Concept: 5-wide Spacing routes (all-curls)

Favorite Breakfast Food: Egg & Chorizo Tostadas

Ideal Room Temperature: Summer, 70F. Winter, 68F.

Overly Generalized Football Prediction: Everyone will run pattern matching secondaries, hurry up no huddle offenses, and mobile QBs. Because it's just better.


Location: Alberta, Canada

Bio: As the only foreigner on the OFD staff Larz was brought on board to create an atmosphere that was more cultured and internationally attuned. When that failed, Larz was given the responsibility of doing laundry for MotS. He's Canadian, so he thanked us for the opportunity and went about his business. For the record Larz really knows how to get a miracle whip based guacamole stain out of a shirt. As luck would have it, the OFD Film Room is right beside the lesser known (but equally important) OFD Laundry Room. One day Larz stumbled into the film room and found his niche in the OFD juggernaut. When he's not babbling on with his exotic accent about the benefits of unlimited motion and the absence of the fair catch, he sneaks into the film room and does some actual work. As a former linebacker and high school football coach, Larz loves to breakdown defensive film, but he will occasionally lower his standards and talk a little bit about offense. When he's not locked away in the OFD film room Larz likes to run in the mountains, ski in the mountains and spend time with his family.

Favourite Irish Player: Michael Stonebreaker

Favourite Irish Football Moment: 2012 - Attending my first ever Notre Dame game in person and watching Notre Dame beat USC for the right to go to the national championship game

Favourite Ski: DPS Wailer 112RP Carbon

Favourite Place to Backcountry Ski: Roger's Pass, British Columbia, Canada

Favourite Place to Run: Any trail in the mountains

Paul Rigney

Location: Rockville, Maryland

Bio: As a native Marylander, Paul was raised on Maryland Blue Crabs, a love of Cal Ripken Jr., a confused awareness of the Baltimore Stallions, and knows that any sartorial style can be improved with a lax pinnie. Since crabcakes and football are what Maryland does, Paul writes about football and lacrosse for One Foot Down. Paul is a 2007 graduate of Notre Dame and played interhall lacrosse all four years. Paul was also a male cheerleader during the 2005-06 season and totally loved it (ask him about "toss hands" sometime). A working journalist in a family of lawyers, Paul has traveled the country covering campaigns, politics, public affairs events and looks forward to a litany of comments from the reading public about his abject stupidity regarding Notre Dame's 3-4 defensive scheme. In his free time, Paul enjoys walking around his house wearing his Maryland flag lacrosse shorts, golfing, playing post-collegiate lacrosse and softball, eating Chipotle, watching Cops reruns on Spike and analyzing the overall statistical breakdown of Notre Dame's offensive red-zone efficiency.

Favorite North Dining Hall Pasta Stir Fry Sauce: A combination of the Chicago Pizza and Alfredo sauces.

Most Underrated South Bend Eating Establishment: The Linebacker. Amazing burgers.

Favorite Uniform Number: 1, because my favorite Irish player is Derrick Mayes.

Favorite Movie Starring Robert Redford: Sneakers

Punter Bro

Location: Washington, DC

Bio: The better looking twin brother of Paul, he is a lacrosse and football special teams writer for OFD. A 2007 grad of ND, PB has an odd obsession with kickers and punters, and often finds himself at gamewatches explaining the intricacies of special teams while using sugar packets and empty bottles. On the lacrosse-side of things, Bro is a native Marylander, and thus was born holding a can of Old Bay and a lacrosse stick. This past spring, Bro was selected as an MCLA Academic All-American club lacrosse player, playing for his university's club team while in law school. Currently, he is serving as an Assistant Coach for his club alma mater and in his free time, finds himself hiking and biking with his wife and his crazy chocolate lab.

Favorite Notre Dame Shoe/Sock Combination: Irish Flag cleats with Irish flag Adidas pattern stripes from the 2012 Dublin game. I own a pair of these so I am admittedly biased.

Favorite Fictional Role Models/Mentors: Jack McCoy, LTJG Daniel Kaffee, CAPT Harmon Rabb, and The Hardy Boys.

Favorite Website Not Named One Foot Down: Uncrate.com. The men's website for men.

Favorite Uniform Number: 25. I was always the little fast kid when I was younger and so I was 25 because of Rocket.


Location: The Library Quadrangle, Notre Dame

Bio: After dropping off the social scene for a few thousand years, the legendary Old Testament prophet got bored and asked the Lord to send him to the holiest and most beautiful corner of God's creation--preferably one without a desert nearby. Since 1962, Moses--better known as the "First Down Moses" statue on campus, or "FDM" around these parts--has been a force to be reckoned with, especially when it comes to upholding the honor of his adopted home. In October 2012, FDM finally upgraded his tablet from stone to silicon and has been sending out encouraging messages to Notre Dame fans and players ever since. As for his role on the One Foot Down editorial staff? Well, true to form, Moses loves nothing more than telling a good story and uniting the Twelve Tribes Notre Dame family in a common cause. Thus, he has dedicated himself to being the OFD historian; rallying the commentariat with mighty exhortations and well-placed GIFs; and generally acting as our resident Man of God (much like his esteemed HLS counterpart Father Sorin).

Favorite player names: Michael Stonebreaker and Mike Broghammer. If it evokes imagery of smashing stone to smithereens (like tablets upon a mountainside), then they were well-named.

Enemy coach that reminds you of Pharaoh: Fielding H. Yost of Michigan. Not only would he not let our people go, but he also tried to make sure that nobody else would accept us if we managed to escape his clutches. In return, God cursed him with the everlasting plague of being remembered as a "Michigan Man".

Favorite play: Recreating the parting of the Red Sea by putting a 357-pound lineman in shotgun and having him run a QB draw.

Favorite coach: If we ever have a coach with a beard, then it would be him.

Go-to form of humor: Puns, custom memes, and celebratory GIFs.


Location: Denver, Colorado

Bio: Ndmspaint loves his family and Notre Dame football. Nothing else can both bring him to his knees with tears of joy and gratitude and send him to the existential depths of wondering "why me???" within the span of a week. When he's not busy doodling in MSPaint, producing experimental electronic music, or being a warrior-poet in the kitchen, he can be found shopping for rare beer, expanding his vinyl collection, or singing random 90s television commercial jingles. He also loves playing tennis, sitting on the front porch with a beer during a thunderstorm, the Chicago White Sox, and triple entendres. He is 1/6th of the Grid and a Momma's boy.

Favorite authors: Jorge Luis Borges, Wallace Stevens

Favorite film: Aliens

Favorite artist: Aphex Twin

Favorite beer: Firestone Walker Parabola

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