Notre Dame Recruiting Analysis

Murtaugh sits down with Mark Rogers of MarkRogersTV to discuss Fighting Irish recruiting leading up to National Signing Day.

Michiah Quick Leaning towards Irish?

National signing day is coming soon and Quick plans to announce on that day. The Irish have been rumored the favorite; does this just amplify it? I hope so!

Aaron Lynch Declares Eligibility for the NFL

You've got to feel for the guy. As the article mentions, the contrast between his draft stock, and that of Nix and Tuitt is striking, especially when you think that, a couple of years ago, Lynch was considered the prize of the bunch. I know he left us hanging, but I wish him the best of luck. His sack early in the 2011 Michigan State game, I believe, set the tone for that game.

SI Article on the Rudy score

Interesting story on the man who scored two of my all-time favorite movies. The next time an OU fan gives you grief about the PLACT sign feel free to drop this quote on them: For a stretch in the early 2000s, Oklahoma football was using "The Final Game," the track played during Rudy’s climactic scene, as its entrance music.

Northwestern Rolls Out 'Bloodstained' Uniforms for Veterans Day Weekend

SWEET BABY JESUS HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN?! How does no one look at a pretty bad one-off uniform and say "Hey, lets add some blood streaks all over the thing"? So for everyone who thinks the Shamrock Series uniforms are unimaginably bad, they could always be worse.

Everett Golson speaks to SI's Andy Staples.

Everett Golson granted an interview to SI's Andy Staples. SI released a small snippet and a video with Golson today. He is shown working with QB guru George Whitfield Jr. in San Diego and admits to poor academic judgement in a testing scenario. As an ND fan, it is great to see Golson's commitment to making himself a better athlete and a better student upon his return this January.

Notre Dame vs. Air Force in photos

He are some photos taken from Notre Dame vs. Air Force.

Irish Chocolate out for the Air Force game - Christian Lombard out for the rest of the year.

Looks like those cheap shots from USC had some effect. One of my old roommates was at the game and he said, when Nix got blindsided during the 2nd half (the play that took him out of the game for a few plays), the USC bench erupted in glee. On the plus side, he said that, during the 2nd half, he could hear some of the D-backs' hits up in the nosebleed seats.

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