CTTCS: Brian Kelly's Press Conference to Open Notre Dame Spring Football Practice

I don't think you'll need the shades next week Coach. - Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Brian Kelly will address the media Friday morning, and you're friends here at OFD have got you covered for all the latest. Come cut through the coach-speak with us. NOTE: This post will be updated with the FIDM video and OFD summary as they become available

Is that spring you smell, or has the harshest of winters in recent memory completely frozen your olfactory organs?

Well Irish fans, today got a little spring-ier as Notre Dame Head Football Coach, Brian Kelly took to the podium and addressed the media in anticipation of his team opening spring practice sessions. With a balmy high of 19 predicted on Monday, South Bend might not feel spring-like, but fans around the ND campus might be able to thaw things out with the energy and anticipation surrounding the return of a certain QB. OFD is your source for information, updates and discussion as the Irish open 2014's official spring session. This post will be updated throughout the day on Friday with summaries, analysis and video replays as they become available.


  • Citing the -8 temperature in his car this morning, Kelly says the team will begin practice indoors.
  • 2 full practices next week, then spring break, followed up by 13 more practices. Things are different this year.
  • Team was on an accelerated pace in winter conditioning, taking some time off weight training to get in football shape.
  • Diaco built a great base for the defense, now Van Gorder is going to take things to the next level.
  • Van Gorder will coach the inside linebackers. Bob Elliot will coach the outside linebackers. Kerry Cooks will coach the entire defensive backfield.
  • The addition of graduate assistant (and former Irish safety) Kyle McCarthy is great for the defense.
  • New QB coach Matt LaFleur has fit in seamlessly and knows the system very well.
  • The team is talented but needs to find leaders within units first, then team leaders.
  • Work ethic and leadership is strong with Golson--working on his consistency.
  • Kelly is not in favor of the controversial 10-second rule proposal without data on player safety.
  • Farley has been moved to corner. They plan on playing as many as 4 corners.
  • Onwualu has been moved to safety for his physicality and ability to play a lot of snaps.
  • The defense will line up the same way, but Van Gorder will call plays differently than Diaco.
  • It was a collaborative decision among the University, the coaching staff, and Shembo's parents for Prince not to speak about the Lizzy Seeberg tragedy.
  • Elmer, Stanley, McGlinchey, and Lombard will get a look at left tackle.
  • Ishaq has been a different player this spring, and Kelly is pretty excited.
  • They'll be careful with Baratti but he'll be involved with everything. Hounshell and Randolph are healthy. Martin & Councell will be no-contact. Butler, Springmann and Grace are out.
  • Golson has added bulk and is thicker. He's come back with a higher football IQ.
  • Kelly and staff went to NFL and college staff's to review their special teams film.
  • Ideally the best players are the best leaders. Kelly thinks the 2014 squad has that ability.
  • He's really excited about Trumbetti and Brent as freshmen. Luke Massa has moved on and will not be playing next year.
  • Randolph is working at inside linebacker and Turner has moved from safety to outside linebacker. Mahone still working in the slot.
  • Incoming 5th year transfer Cody Riggs is a very valuable asset.
  • Kelly believes Grace will be ready by the fall.
  • Malik Zaire has to practice like he'll be the starter.
  • Very fortunate for a player like Hegarty who has battled a serious health issue and made great strides.
  • Daniels is ineligible by NCAA standards. He should be back by the summer.

FIDM Video

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