Epic Gameday Breakfast Burrito

Inspired by Whiskey's Football Foods thread, I felt the need to follow up and share a photo account of the breakfast burrito I carried in my belly while we handled business against Temple. Together, this burrito and I cheered on the Irish to their first victory of the season. For the record, I've always been in love with the breakfast burrito, the perfect hearty handheld (or, knife and fork-friendly if it's smothered in chili) way to start the day. The possibilities are endless and more often than not fruitful, to the point that an amazing breakfast burrito can come from simply cleaning out your fridge and adding egg. The breakfast burrito we prepared yesterday was admittedly premeditated, but it represents a combination of ingredients that very closely elevates the breakfast burrito to its apex of perfection: marinated carne asada, fried egg, sliced avocado, fresh pico de gallo and cotija cheese. I don't know, maybe some bacon could've improved it, but it was pretty darned tasty the way it was. I genuinely couldn't have had a better morning to start the season off right. So here's a quick photo account of how it went down.

Start off the night before by making the marinade, which is pretty much all this stuff in the blender:

Coat the flank steak on both sides and refrigerate over night.


Gameday morning I started by dicing up the pico de gallo. The key to good pico, in my opinion, is coming close to equal parts tomato, onion, and jalapenos.


Be sure to keep the seeds and stuff for the jalapeno. It needs to be really hot. Pico should be painful if eaten by itself, that's how you know it will be beautiful as a topping. You should get a good chemical burn if you rub your face after preparing pico. My woman asked me if I needed gloves while I was chopping. I stared her down and licked my fingers, then resumed chopping.


Mix it up with some chopped cilantro, salt, and lime juice.


Now we light the grill. The best thing about charcoal grills is taking the time to enjoy a beer while the coals heat up (I also took the time to draw chalk hippos wearing Nix jerseys on my fence in lieu of going back inside and making duck fat home fries... oh well). This imperial stout was more than serviceable on a nice football morning:


I tossed the steaks on and cooked them medium rare.


Mmm. Steak. I suppose I could thread some deli meat in between these two steaks and call it a sandwich, but that's for another day.


Now, slice some avocado and fry up an egg. Eggs are pretty much essential to breakfast burritos, or else you're just making a regular burrito. Eggs like mean it's morning time and stuff. I prefer to fry my eggs over easy for breakfast burritos because the egg yolk will create an incredible sauce when it mixes in with the pico and cheese and such. But, scrambled works well too for added texture. Either way it's going to be a party.


After it rests, slice against the grain..


Warm the burrito in a pan and then start constructing the burrito. Start with the steak and try not to eat it before continuing:


Then top with the egg, avocado, pico de gallo, and cotija cheese.


Boom! That just happened. And some strawberries because I'm on a diet.


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