Spring Practice Report for 4.8.13

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports


Notre Dame went back to practice this Monday for the 9th team workout of the season. Due to crappy weather the team returned indoors to the Loftus Center but UND.com was kind enough to provide us some footage from Saturday's outdoor practice.

0:13- There's Golson making sure the team isn't too sleepy out there.

0:20- Golson takes off with Big Lou on the chase. Man, does he move well for a 350 pounder.

0:32- EG throwing off his back foot but hits a wide open Troy Niklas.

0:37- Golson with a corner fade to (possibly) walk-on Gerard Martinez.

0:43- Atkinson with a nice strong run to the outside finishing with a stiff-arm.

0:48- Golson with a completion to a wide open Alex Welch.

0:51- Hendrix has his pass knocked down at the line by Jarrett Grace.

0:56- Golson completes a deeper pass to Jones, but it's a little underthrown.

1:01- Golson shoots out a screen pass to Ben Koyack.

1:06- Great catch by Daniel Smith behind Lo Wood.

1:10- Atkinson tries to absorb contact but doesn't get low enough and gets corralled by Jarrett Grace.

1:15- Another nice grab by Daniel Smith.

1:20- Smith almost comes down with another one but can't hold on.

1:26- McDaniel tries to kick it outside but is stopped by a great play by Ishaq coming off a block.

1:30- Rees hits freshman Onwualu for a nice gain.

1:39- Atkinson up the middle for little gain, being met by Councell and then Springmann.

1:41- Lo Wood with a nice PBU and stick on freshman Robinson.

1:46- Rees connects on a fade to Ben Koyack (making a nice leaping adjustment) against J-Atkinson.

1:50- Atkinson skip jumps out of pressure but is met by Elijah Shumate near the line of scrimmage.

2:01 to 2:14- Slow motion, brah.

2:15- Nick Martin doing his best against Nix.

2:20- Day with a quick move (as always) but can't get by Watt with some assistance from Zack Martin.

2:25- Zack Martin out there working Day.

2:30- Nix blows right past Nick Martin.

2:34- Big freshman Steve Elmer looking very good against Prince Shembo.

2:39- Zack Martin still looking like an All-American against Ishaq Williams.

2:44- Lombard doing a nice job against Shembo before Nix comes flying through the gap.

2:49- Z-Mart and Watt win a battle against Springmann and Ishaq.

2:55- Slow motion part II, brah.


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Coming up on Wednesday we'll have a mid-spring report with a little bit more in depth coverage on the tightly restricted practices.

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