Notre Dame Players in the NFL

List has be updated after the draft with draftees and unrestricted free agent signings. Will be updated after roster cuts.

Current NFL Roster Players (36)

Michael Floyd - 2nd String - RWR (Arizona)

Robby Toma - tryouts with Balt Ravens - May 4,5 - and KC Chiefs - May 11, 12; signed with Arizona (6th string?)

Zeke Motta - Drafted, 3rd String SS (Atlanta)

Kapron Lewis-Moore - Drafted, 3rd String LDE (Baltimore)

Sam Young - 4th String LG (Buffalo)

Brian Smith - 2nd String RILB (Buffalo)

Jimmy Clausen - 3rd String QB (Carolina)

JJ Jansen - 1st String LS (Carolina)

Armando Allen - 3rd String RB (Chicago)

Tom Zbikowski - 2nd String SS (Chicago)

Trevor Robinson - 1st String C (Cincy)

Tyler Eifert - Drafted, 2nd String TE (Cincy)

Braxton Cave - UDFA, 2nd String C (Cleveland)

Jamoris Slaughter - Drafted, 2nd String SS (Cleveland)

David Bruton - 2nd String SS (Denver)

Theo Riddick - Drafted, 4th String RB (Detroit)

Ryan Harris - 2nd String LOT (Houston)

Cierre Wood - UDFA, 5th String RB (Houston)

Sergio Brown - 3rd String SS (Indy)

Anthony Fasano - 2nd String TE (KC)

Jonas Gray - 5th String RB (Miami)

John Sullivan - 1st String C (Minnesota)

Kyle Rudolph - 1st String TE (Minn)

John Carlson - 2nd String TE (Minn)

Harrison Smith - 1st String FS (Minn)

Robert Blanton - 2nd String SS (Minn)

Eric Olsen - 2nd String LOG (New Orleans)

Justin Tuck - 1st String LDE (NY Giants)

Darrin Walls - 4th String RCB (NY Jets)

Mike Golic, Jr - UDFA, 3rd String, LOG (Pittsburgh)

Manti Te'o - Drafted, 1st String LILB (San Diego)

Darius Fleming - 3rd String LOLB (San Fran)

Ian Williams - 1st String NT (San Fran)

Golden Tate - 2st String RWR (Seattle)

Brady Quinn - 2nd String QB (Seattle)

Derek Landri - 2nd String LDT (Tampa Bay)

Free Agents (6)

Kyle McCarthy - missed 2012 due to injury, 26 y.o., last team Kansas City

Ryan Grant - signed late in the season, played in 3 gms, 30 y.o., last team Green Bay

Jeff Faine - played in 8 gms as backup, 32 y.o., last team Cincinnati

Jordan Black - suspended 4 games for PEDs, 33 y.o., last team Washington

Trevor Laws - missed 2012 due to injury, 27 y.o., last team St.Louis

Robert Hughes - 2nd String FB (Indy) - waived April 30, 2013

Undrafted Free Agents Signings 2013 (2)

Dayne Crist - Tryout & signed contract, 4th String QB (Baltimore) - cut June 4, 2013

John Goodman - Cincinnati - not listed on depth chart (5/18)

Tryouts 2013 (2) - not offered contracts

Jordan Cowart - Washington

Ben Turk - Houston

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