Te'o & Other Irish Players Ball Out at Pro Day

Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Great speed! Great bench numbers! Great athletes!

Tuesday saw Notre Dame hold its Pro Day for prospective NFL players. A bunch of scouts showed up. Even former Irish quarterback Evan Sharpley showed up to toss the pigskin around. A good time was had by all.

BGI has a nice quick overview of the Pro Day that you can read HERE. Some cliff notes:

  • Te'o looked much slimmer than his 241 pound weight at the NFL Combine.
  • Te'o or Eifert had 'no clue' where they'd be drafted although Eifert said he wanted to be the first tight end off the board.
  • Wood looked ripped and went rep for rep with Riddick in pass catching drills---the latter athlete also looking chiseled.
  • Motta was pleased with his results after a sub-par NFL Combine.
  • Toma was running sharp routes and Goodman showed off his good hands.


HERE is an article from Keith Arnold on the Pro Day.

Irish Sports Daily has a story on Tyler Eifert being poised for the 1st round, HERE.

BGI has a story on Te'o lightening his load after his Pro Day, HERE.

Official Results:

Braxston Cave (6-3.5, 303 pounds)
Bench Press: 32 reps

Jordan Cowart (6-1, 236)
Forty-yard dash: 5.08 seconds
Bench Press: 14 reps

Tyler Eifert (6-5.5, 256)
Not measured in speed or strength drills

Mike Golic Jr. (6-4.5, 300)
Forty-yard dash: 5.38 seconds
Three-cone drill: 7.77 seconds
Broad Jump: 8 ft. 10 inches
Vertical Jump: 28 inches
Bench Press: 31 reps

John Goodman (6-3.25, 206)
Forty-yard dash: 4.59 seconds
Three-cone drill: 6.99 seconds
Sixty-yard shuttle: 12.0 seconds
Broad Jump: 9 ft. 7 inches
Vertical Jump: 34 inches
Bench Press: 13 reps

Zeke Motta (6-2.25, 215)
Forty-yard dash: 4.71 seconds
Sixty-yard shuttle: 11.69 seconds
Bench Press: 16 reps

Theo Riddick (5-10.25, 205)
Forty-yard dash: 4.66 seconds
Three-cone drill: 6.99 seconds
Sixty-yard shuttle: 11.97 seconds
Bench Press: 14 reps

Chris Salvi (5-10, 185)
Forty-yard dash: 4.65 seconds
Three-cone drill: 6.99 seconds
Sixty-yard shuttle: 11.56 seconds
Broad Jump: 8 ft. 7.5 inches
Vertical Jump: 30 inches
Bench Press: 17 reps

Manti Te'o (6-1.5, 243)
Forty-yard dash: 4.69 seconds
Sixty-yard shuttle: 11.78 seconds
Bench Press: 21 reps

Robby Toma (5-9, 180)
Forty-yard dash: 4.50 seconds
Three-cone drill: 6.76 seconds
Sixty-yard shuttle: 11.35 seconds
Broad Jump: 9 ft. 2 inches
Vertical Jump: 31 inches
Bench Press: 15 reps

Ben Turk (5-10.5, 188)
Forty-yard dash: 4.78 seconds
Vertical Jump: 32 inches
Bench Press: 26 reps

Cierre Wood (5-11.25, 218)
Forty-yard dash: 4.52 seconds
Three-cone drill: 6.87 seconds
Sixty-yard shuttle: 11.66 seconds
Bench Press: 18 reps

  • Is Toma going to get drafted? Probably not, but wow did he put up some impressive numbers. That likely will get him an invite to a camp in late spring.
  • Nice bench numbers for Cave as he shows the world what he can do after not participating at the Combine due to an injury. Of course Ben Turk the punter came strong as well.
  • I thought Goodman would be a little faster.
  • It will be interesting to see what happens to Motta. Some people thought he'd go as early as the 3rd round but I doubt he's anywhere near there on anyone's board now.
  • Riddick has physically looked great but he'd probably like his numbers to help him out a little bit more.
  • Manti Te'o solidified his position in the 1st round with a great Pro Day. CW makes a strong point:

  • Wood has put together a very impressive Combine and Pro Day. I still think the odds are he has a better pro career than Riddick, but we'll see.


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