Trick Shot Wednesday: Winter Is Coming

Gregory Shamus

Subzero temperatures have arrived just as the Saban-to-Texas rumor mill heats up (and servers melt down).

Well, the conference championships have all been played, the bowl schedule is set (Pinstripe Bowl vs. Rutgers, in case you forgot), and final exams are rapidly approaching here on campus. In solidarity with thousands of frantic students who are hard-pressed for time, I'll make this week's piece quick and painless (unlike what Texas and Bama fans are going through, amirite?).

In last week's TSW, we asked for your thoughts on what Bennett Jackson and Prince Shembo were laughing about/pointing at during the Stanford game. As seems to be the custom, the comments went off into several hilarious tangents that discussed everything from Old School and Nerf wars, to proper usage of the "SOON" meme and what exactly we should call those hats we wear when it's cold outside (for the record, I'm sticking to "tuques"). Thankfully, our resident perpetual envelope-pusher cherished commenter clearwall stayed on track, brought a strong GIF game (to the tune of 22 gold stars), and framed this moment in a slightly different venue:

Congrats, clearwall! Since there's really nothing going on this week, feel free to cause as much mayhem on the site as you like, I don't give two Fig Things about what you decide to do. Go crazier than a Compound-Fracture Disco Hall, Your Majesty.

...I'm now being told by a certain staff member (whose name rhymes with "Derrick Furclaw") that this mayyyy not have been the smartest thing for me to say. But who cares what that guy thinks, amirite? What's he going to do, fire me in the middle of a sent


Anyways, I'll make this last part brief. Our "regular season" (so to speak) has now come to an end. HOWEVER...TSW will be doing something epic beginning late next week, so don't panic if Wednesday comes and goes with no major entry (though I'll still post this week's winner and add a photo for you guys to play with).

Seeing as the weather outside is frightful, it seems appropriate to commemorate the arrival of winter with a photo of a miserable-looking NFL grounds crew member. This seems odd, until you realize that several NFL games this past Sunday looked like they were being played in the Ice Age (and that's awesome), meaning someone had to trudge out there every 4 seconds with a broom, shovel, or snowblower to clear things off. I may post a few other great shots in the comments, but for now I want you all to focus on this photo of this poor fellow clearing snow off Heinz Field during the Steelers-Dolphins game as Ben Roethlisberger trots past him. Odds are you'll need to dust off your mad telepathy skillz to let us know what's going on here...just saying.

Have a great week, stay warm out there, and see you in the comments! Go Irish!

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