A Quick Guide to ACC

Hello Golden Domers,

I just thought I'd write a quick hits guide to ACC, (not including Cuse and Pitt), if all I accomplish is a laugh, then I'm happy, but the main point is to give you a quick guide to each team and their fan base. I'll admit to a hoops bias because as a Maryland fan, that's less painful than football, and a Lacrosse review would be too narrow.

So without further ado.

Boston College: You may be familiar with this rabble from when they were in the Big East. In today's ACC they not all that different. They produce a competent football team and sometimes a reasonable basketball team. But they'll spend most of their time talking about hockey like it's an opiate that takes away the pain of their football and basketball teams.

Clemson: A football team held back by it's coach, and it's still a phenomenal football team. In it's heart of hearts Clemson is an SEC team in the ACC. They know it, we know it, and we all accept it. They're kind of like the jock in high school who's also reasonably smart. Clemson also occasionally produces a basketball team.


Duke: Doesn't participate in football, however they are a factory of terrible professional basketball players. What you need to know about playing Duke in hoops is that they will get more calls than you. Every 50-50 call will go in Dukes favor, this isn't opinion, it's fact. (Okay, it might be opinion) So keep in mind, when you play Duke, you'll have to beat the officials too. And feel free to compare coach K to your rodent of choice.

Florida State: FSU is a BIGXII team in ACC clothing. Now most will think they belong in the SEC, but really they're a Big12 team more akin to Texas than Bama or LSU. Florida State football is the flagship program of the ACC, they are the best team of the ACC, and when they're not playing your team, you secretly cheer for them to show up for bowl games and not embarrass the conference.

Georgia Tech: Gtech yearns to be an SEC team until they realize just how bad the academics are in the SEC. Then they go back to being a nondescript running team that thinks the forward pass is black magic. The best part about playing Georgia Tech is getting to see their mascot on game day, if you're bored go Google what their mascot looks like, usually worth a laugh, but wait until you see it in person.

Maryland: This is my team, I'm biased, but overall. There's nothing more worried than a Maryland fan when his team is playing well. Maryland fans very much expect something really awful to happen, and it happens. There was a lot of optimism coming into this football season, and now our QB depth features 2 freshman and a guy who was a WR a month ago. Maryland fans are at our most annoying, when it comes to basketball. During the season we get progressively more annoying with every win. And probably with every loss too. regardless of how outside the bubble we are, we rationalize that the next win gets us into the tournament. Even during years when we miss the NIT.

Miami: You should also be familiar with Miami from the BE days. They cheat like the SEC, but they don't get away with it. They also feature a basketball team that shows up and randomly gets good players that shouldn't be good, and when they play you, you'll start to question the competency of your players.

UNC: When their football team is good, don't worry, a cheating scandal is soon to follow. In basketball, they're one of the true blue bloods, their season basically hangs on if they beat the team from Durham. Really, nothing else matters. If you beat UNC in Chapel hill, cherish that moment, because under Roy Williams, they're really, really good at home.

NCSTATE: Fans of NCState football and basketball, collectively, are probably the most delusional fan base in college sports. And what's worse, their team seems like it's on the upswing, adding to their delusions. If you get a chance to tailgate a road game that isn't in Tallahassee, I suggest visiting Raleigh, it's about as close as you can get to an SEC style tailgate without having to worry about running into a dog named Uga.

Virginia: Virginia is tough, they're usually middle of the pack in both sports, and you probably won't remember this until you play UVA. At which point your thoughts will range from: "Oh yeah, they're not terrible" to "HOW THE HELL DID WE LOSE TO THOSE PEASANTS?"

Virginia Tech: Vtech Hoops used to be so much fun under Seth Greenberg, because of how incredulous Greenberg and the fan base would be that their sub par schedule and non-marquee wins didn't get them into the NCAAT. Also their football team is the best 3 loss division winner you'll ever see.

Wake Forest: Have you ever stubbed your toe on a table walking around the house? That's what Wake Forest is. Every year when you see Wake Forest on the schedule, your eyes will glaze over and you'll just count that as a win, (in hoops and football.) You may not even watch the game, but every other year or so they'll be sneaky and beat you when they really shouldn't have been within 30 points of your team (in both sports).

And the Officials:

I could go on and on about ACC officiating, but these two clips are all you need to know about ACC officals.


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