Five Wide... Tight Ends?

Good Morning faithful readers. We here at One Foot Down wish you a Happy Easter and hope--we hope against hope--that you didn't spend your Holy Week like Bobby Petrino. Without further adieu, this week's Five Wide... well, given Coach Brian Kelly's comments that the tight end is the new fullback, well, it seems like CBK has given us a mandate to rename our weekly roundtable. For this week anyway. Harumphers harumph!

If the tight end position was a color, what color would it be?

Well, I'm going to say that the fullback would be black because black is tough and so are fullbacks. Since pink is the new black--that's pretty current, right, definitely not like an '05-ish bit--then the tight end is pink.

Who wins April Fool's Joke of the Year?

It's a tie between Michael Collins's recruiting post on Usain Bolt, which was irie, and Tyler Eifert's field turf prank. Them's was jokes, right?

The Irish passed the halfway point in spring football this week. Thoughts?

It sounds like the defensive front seven will be quite strong, we have three defensive backs that we're pretty sure can play, the offensive line is shaping up, we're loaded at tight end and running back, we have receivers, and there is a quarterback battle.

The word seems to be the Tommy Rees is still the most polished of the quarterbacks. It sounds like the rest of the signal callers are struggling to various degrees of strugglation. So I say let's all assume a Tao-ist view of the quarterback controversy. Don't wish for anyone to be anointed quarterback. Don't want it to happen. Whatever happens happens and couldn't happen any other way. Is that Tao-ist or did I get that from Morpheus? Nerd alert. Maybe TR will be designated the starter, maybe he'll make a big leap, and maybe he'll hold the spot while the other QB's continue to learn the system. Deep breaths.

The Irish Lady Roundballers nearly won it all this week. Thoughts?

Hats off to Muffet McGraw, who has really built Notre Dame into a powerhouse in women's college basketball. Thanks for everything, Muffet!

Bobby Petrino wrecked his motorbike this week. With a woman on the back. Who was not his wife. But who was a 25-year-old football staffer. Who was engaged to a member of Petrino's strength and conditioning staff. Also, mark it down: Leslie Miles 2, Gunner Kiel 0. So it was a slow week for SEC head football coaches. The question: is there a lower form of life than an SEC head football coach?


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