Kirk Herbstreit Implodes: Where Does the Four Letter Network Get these guys?

I thought I was tuning in to some thoughtful discussion about the BCS selections, but someone cued up Herbie and did not have the good sense to pull his mike as he showed his ignorance. Hyperbole or sarcasm may have worked, but he was serious, redundant and, for some reason, sounded offended by the selection of Northern Illinois for the Orange Bowl.

“The fact that Northern Illinois is in the BCS in 2012 is really a sad state for college football and where we are with the current system,” Herbstreit said. “....They don’t deserve to be in the BCS this year. Are you kidding me with Northern Illinois playing in the BCS?"

Herbie, outside of the National Championship game, the Bowl Cartel System has never been about competition. It's about distributing the big bucks among a small group of universities. As a football analyst, you need to know this before you open your mouth.

The BCS and the other bowls have never been about great matchups, just about bringing in the highest revenue possible for the bowls and the businesses associated with them.

“You’re gonna leave Oklahoma out to put Northern Illinois in? To a BCS bowl game? Are you kidding me? Of all the years we’ve had these BCS discussions, putting a Northern Illinois or a Kent State in the BCS this year would really be an injustice to some of these teams.”

Injustice really is a legal issue, which the Cartel wants to avoid, so it throws a bone to non-automatic qualifiers every once in a while to avoid an antitrust lawsuit. That way 85-90% of the BCS money can go to 66 teams, while the other 55 teams or so can split up 10-15%. Same as it ever was.

Like last year, six conferences will each have an automatic qualifier, raking in $22-23 million. Like last year, the SEC and the PAC 12 have a second participant. Last year all the BCS money went to the six AQ conferences. Are you that outraged that Notre Dame and Northern Illinois have earned their way into the BCS and cut down on the revenue earmarked for the top 65 conference teams?

Come on, Herbie. Don't you remember when the Rose Bowl took a #13 Illinois (2007 Regular Season) or a #14 Purdue (2000 Regular Season)? Were you suitably outraged at the lack of competition each provided and shouted for a more deserving non-Big 10 team to get that berth?

If this were about competition and not money, turn it over to the NCAA like in all other sports, who will share the revenue among all schools with some for each participant. The NCAA would match up the top 8 or 16 teams regardless of conference and we the fans would get to watch some very competitive games.

Dump the contracts the Big 10 (eight bowls a year) and SEC (ten bowls a year). Are you upset an 8-5 Wisconsin slides into the Rose Bowl? Or that we have to watch bowls with a 6-6 teams like Michigan State or Iowa?

What does the revenue do for a small university like Northern Illinois? NIU generates $7.1 million each year in football revenue. They will split the $22-23 million among the fourteen schools in the MAC, which average $6.1 million a year in football revenues. The MAC has never had a payday like this. Source: MAC's Sugar Daddy, Northern Illinois, and Classic BCS BS. (Forbes)

Ohio State's football team generates $48 million per year.

NIU and the MAC got a bone this year. Maybe the Huskies will be able to use to help hire and retain a new coach for next year. Still, they could not be more happy for the opportunity, despite what you feel.

Were you railing on NIU - ranked #15 - to distract us from realizing that Big 10 champion, Wisconsin, will play in the Rose Bowl and Big East champion, Louisville, will play in the Sugar Bowl despite both being unranked?

Wisconsin is the first five loss team to play in the Rose Bowl. Now that's competition!! That's injustice to all those teams better than they were.

Shouldn't Oklahoma, Florida, Texas A&M, Georgia, LSU or South Carolina have been selected instead of Wisconsin?

"Thank goodness we're moving toward a new system in 2014. They don’t deserve to be in the BCS this year."

You mean Wisconsin, right? The new system would clear the deck of those unranked teams sneaking into the Rose Bowl, right?

Turning this back over to the NCAA, splitting up the money evenly, and creating competitive matchups at all levels is precisely the way most fans want to go. Free up the Rose Bowl, etc. from draining the life out of football with these unranked teams.

That is really the sad state of college football today. Not that Northern Illinois earned a BCS bowl berth. The big conferences own the big bowls, the revenue streams from them, and each year provide us with bad matchups to preserve that revenue stream.

The "new system" won't open the major bowls to everyone to create exciting, competitive matchups to increase fan enthusiasm like March Madness. A Big Ten champion Wisconsin at 7-5 will still go to the Rose Bowl, won't it?

At least we have an exciting National Championship matchup this year and move to a four team playoff in 2014. At least we get that bone.

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