Bama Delusions

Merriam-Webster defines PASSION in the following manner:




  1. Strong and barely controllable emotion.
  2. A state or outburst of such emotion.

When used correctly, passion can fuel a fire that can spur a team and a fanbase into rabid extremism and vault them into unfathomable success. However, misplaced passion can backfire faster than a Stephon Tuitt 77-yard touchdown run. I recently came across a fanboy post on Alabama's Bleacher Report page titled "Tide's 6 Biggest Advantages over Notre Dame" that offered a tremendous amount of passion and energy, but it was so intense that it caused the INTELLIGENCE of the poster to be very seriously questioned. In his passion, he didn't just barely control his emotion, he allowed it to completely warp his perception of reality. What follows are a few excerpts with my responses to the more outrageous claims that were made on that post.

"Alabama is by most accounts a 10-point favorite at this point and will be looking to win its second consecutive national title and its third in the last four years."

This part is true, so I won't start off by destroying this comment. However...there have been 14 MNC games so far and the "favored" team is only .500 in those games. That's kind of the problem I see when the morons over at TWWL use Vegas to tell us who is definitely going to win because of betting lines. The lines aren't set to tell you who is the better team or who has an edge. The lines are set TO MAKE MONEY. Vegas moves lines to encourage people to throw cash away and to lose the bets, not to give them insight into who will win a game. If Vegas had it their way, all bettors would bet the favorites and the lines would ALWAYS be wrong. I digress..

"1. Coaching
Saban has clearly separated himself from every other coach in college football and is widely recognized as the best coach in the business. Kelly, on the other hand, has yet to prove that he can lead his team to victory under the brightest lights college football has to offer."

Look, I understand and I agree with the part that Nick Satan Saban has become the media darling and set himself as the standard that all CFB coaches are held to. However, the persona that Tide fans have made for him is a bit of a farce. It is believed that if you give the man more than a week to prepare, he is literally unbeatable. Just a small bit of research dispels that fact.

Here is a quick glance at his postseason record alone:





Michigan State

L Independence


Michigan State

L Sun


Michigan State

L Aloha



W Peach



W Sugar



L Cotton



W Sugar



L Capital One



W Independence



L Sugar






W Capital One




Clearly recent history is very respectable here, but does a 7-6 record mean you are invincible? One could argue that the numbers are skewed based on his first few years in D1 and that he has grown as a coach and is NOW unbeatable, but then how do you explain 2004 and 2008? This argument holds no weight.

"His team will be mentally and physically prepared. His team will be ready. His game plan will be flawless.

With Kelly, we just can't be certain that he is ready for what he is about to get into. With Saban, we know."

This is humorous purely because there is no basis for argument at all. It is 100% conjecture and gut-feel. Remember the comment about "passion?" This guy has it, but not much insight, really.

"2. Experience

Notre Dame, however, has not played in a game of this magnitude since facing an undefeated Florida State in a No. 1 vs. No. 2 matchup in November of 1993. Irish quarterback Everett Golson was 11 months old at the time."

This is a common argument that I've found lurking around. Basically, it is spawned off the old "ND only plays service academies and USC every year" drivel that EsPN and Domer Haters like to make. It is completely ludicrous to believe that ND hasn't played in big important games. I would argue, based on TV ratings that ND has played in more big games in recent history than Bama. Not in the playoffs, granted, but 2005 SC was one of the most highly watched games in history, same with this year, both last year and this year vs the Skunkbears were enormous and highly viewed and Oklahoma this year was a top-15 matchup. There are others that could be thrown in, but you get what I'm saying here.

"Being awestruck creates doubt. Doubt causes you to lose focus. Lost focus leads to lost games."

Someone's been watching too much Phantom Menace, I think:


Notre Dame is THE premier team in college football. You think we will be "awestruck?" Give me a break. Where is your Lott Trophy winner that we may shake in our helmets? Where is your Nagurski winner, your Bednarik, your Outland, your Heisman finalist? WE will be "awestruck?"

This is where I started to get irritated, was at this one:

"3. Interchangeable Running Backs

Alabama running backs Eddie Lacy and T.J. Yeldon have both run the ball for over 1,000 yards this season and have combined for 29 touchdowns."

Ok, good for them, so?

"Notre Dame will try to stop them with a front seven that ranks among the best in the nation. It ranks fourth in the nation in rushing defense and has allowed just two rushing touchdowns on the season."

Yes, ND run D is amazing, go on...

"As the game gets into the second half and legs grow tired, the fact that Lacy and Yeldon will be constantly swapped out in exchange for valuable rest will enable them to have fresh legs down the home stretch.

This will take its toll on the Irish defense as fatigue will lead to bigger holes for the 'Bama backs."

Oh good heavens! This is complete crap for two reasons. First of all, it assumes that 2 trends will all of a sudden disintegrate for ND. First of all, THE BEST RUN DEFENSE IN THE COUNTRY WILL ALL OF A SUDDEN FALL APART, and that one of the best grind-it-out run offenses will not be able to keep pace. I can grant you that Bama's defense may be able to shut down Cierre Wood and Theo Riddick. BYU and Stanford both did a very good job with their defenses at doing just that, but to assume that an insanely deep and talented defense is going to get torched when we have proven our mettle against Stephan Taylor(1442 yd, 12 td), Le'Veon Bell(1648, 11), Denard Robinson(1166, 7). You ignore the fact that we've seen better and proven we can stop it. Finally, who else in this game has "Interchangeable Running Backs?" Hmmm, I wonder...

"5. The Layoff

the layoff provides a clear advantage for Alabama. Again, they have done this before. For the Tide, the time spent awaiting the title game has become somewhat of a routine."

This is just stupid because BOTH teams are facing the exact same scenario. This goes back to the god syndrome associated with Satan Saban. That he can do no wrong, everything he touches is instantly gold, and no coach can possibly assume to best him.

This seems to be a common theme with the Tide fans. They are more ingrained in the hype of their team created by TWWL monster and they believe the myth without question. I don't think anyone has ever really accused Bama fans or grads with being the brightest of bulbs in the box(I imagine they're a bit like the screwy-type bulbs that take an hour to fully charge up), but this line of thinking actually saddens and worries me about the state of the Tide. I guess it's no wonder they only graduate about 75% of their athletes every year to ND's 97. In the end, I think my daughter best can describe my reaction to this entire line of argument:


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