Notre Dame vs. Wake Forest: Feathers In The Cap and Black Eyes

Notre Dame Football's "Special Sons" Roll Demon Decons

On a day when the entire student body paid fitting tribute to Notre Dame's Football's "Special Son," the Notre Dame football team paid fitting tribute to its seniors by shutting out the Wake Forest Demon Deacons. With today's win, the Irish football team virtually guaranteed itself the first undefeated home record in fourteen years. Yes sir, today's win will make it nearly impossible for the Irish to drop a home game this season. I am just finding it hard to envision a scenario in which the Irish do not finish this season undefeated at home. Time will tell.

Here's to Te'o, Martin, Eifert, and the rest of the senior standouts who have poured out their blood, sweat, and tears for the Notre Dame family. We are better for having known you men.

Feathers In The Cap

Seniors. There were a few young men in this class that could have been playing on Saturdays instead of securing an 11-0 record for our beloved Fighting Irish. Here's to Notre Dame Football's Special Sons, the Seniors, who will likely go down as the group that laid the foundation for Notre Dame's return to the ranks of college football's elite. Let's hear from the readers--who specifically do you want to pay tribute to?

A well-executed option pitch. Too often I see quarterbacks lazily drift towards the sideline, then pitch the ball right about when the defender is giving the pitch man a wedgie. Everett Golson seriously threatened inside, made the defender commit, then pitched to an open pitch man for a big gain. It was a beautiful thing.

Shutout. The Irish defense pitched what I was shocked to realize was its first shutout of the season, and held an opponent out of the endzone for the fifth time this season.

Black Eyes

USC. Well, they didn't do us any favors, but they also dinged Oregon by losing. And now instead of going into next week in a blah mood, they're fighting just for a shred of dignity. The Irish will face a wounded animal in Los Angeles next week to be sure, but the Trojans have shown everyone that they're thoroughly beatable. I'm just not sure that that's a good thing for the Irish. Let's see what dreams may come of the Stanford-Oregon and K-State-Baylor games.

Check back here later for your ND-Wake highlights and ICON.

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