ND v. Wake: Likes and Dislikes

We held a very talented offense to 17 points.  This I like.  

Tommy Rees threw two bad interceptions, costing us anywhere from 0-10 points.  This... not so much on my likes list.  In fact, TR better mind his P's and Q's or he's going to throw his way right off my Christmas card list.

The Irish took care of business and ran the ball when they needed to and when the defense knew they were going to run.  This is a pro.  

Rees continues to turn the ball over and looks awful on his downfield throws.  Coach D and Mike Frank mentioned that it looks like he's shotputting the ball.  This continued.  Mark this down as a con.  


We returned the ball pretty well on kickoffs.  This I enjoyed.  We gave up a couple of long kickoffs, much to my consternation.  

The officiating--since we won, I'll complain.  On what planet is the footage of Jonas's non-touchdown touchdown indisputable video evidence?  And since when can Zack Martin not hit a ball carrier in bounds?  And we got some piss poor spots.  There were some other bad calls, though I can't remember them right now.  So yeah, go ahead and mark the officiating down as a pet-peeve.

The coaching--except for keeping Rees in after two picks, I liked the coaching.  It was clear down the stretch that Kelly wasn't going to let TR throw another pick, because he was barely going to let him throw the ball.  So why even keep him in?  I think we're seeing that Kelly is just going to ride Rees out for the rest of the season, unless Rees truly pulls a Hindenberg.  He's been ugly at times--like tonight--but it's going to take a lot more than 2 picks for Kelly to pull him for Crist.  

 We took care of business against a pretty talented squad, and we should have won by at least 14.  We squeaked out a 7-point win in a game that to me didn't seem nearly that close.  Wake never truly threatened down the stretch.  Whenever they got scoring opportunities, we made plays.  I would put the game as a whole in the "like" column. But it remains painfully obvious that quarterback play is really keeping a good team from being a great team.  

What does everyone else think about ND/Wake?  

What about LSU/'Bama?  Clearly two extremely talented teams, but just wasn't that exciting a game.  

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