Rock the Vote! -- The OFD Fan Confidence Poll

I'm sure most of you guys know all about our little friend, the OFD fan confidence poll that greets you in the left sidebar early every week. How are you feeling about the Fighting Irish? It is an awesome tool that lets people know at first glance, what do the fans of this team think of this team? 

It is a great tool, that I think we can use a little better. As it works today, all of us commentariat (and assuredly our fearless leaders) are voting with different currencies (for lack of a better term). Whiskey's 70, MotS's 70, and my 70 may wildly differ on what we ACTUALLY think of the team. Also, I may be voting as if it is a power poll - how good we are today, and Whiskey may be voting as if it is the AP poll, overviewing the entirety of the season (the "body of work").

For consistency's sake (and in the quest for better data /nerd), I think we should adopt a voting system, ensuring that we are all on the same currency with the same idea of what specifically we are voting on. Thus, I present you with The Articles of the One Foot Down Fan Confidence Poll:

1. The Fan Confidence Poll is an important part of the OFD community. The commentariat and fearless leaders shall make every effort to vote in the confidence poll and share their rating and thoughts in the weekly Confidence Poll Fanshot.

-This thing is important people, more important than actual elections (damn you gerrymandering)! I will host a weekly (during the season, otherwise infrequently in the offseason) Fanshot, where we will reveal our ratings, and reasonings -- as well as provide a good place for discussion of where our team is as a whole.


2. The Fan Confidence Poll shall be voted on as a power poll. It should be a measure of our team at the moment the poll is being taken, and not simply a mirror of our AP, BCS, or Coaches poll rankings.

-The Fan Confidence Poll, by its very nature, should be how confident we are in our team in that moment. I think voting based on a power poll, and not an overview of the season should be used. Plus, we already have enough polls like that (AP, Coaches, SBNation blogpoll, BCS, etc...).


3. Rankings shall be made based on the rankings scale provided herein.



-This is the big one. To make sure we're all using the same "currency" when we're voting on our team's level. I will make sure to also include this scale in the weekly Fanshots to ensure consistency throughout the season.


I hope that everyone can see the need for something like this -- and if nothing else, its something else to stimulate some discussion about where our program stands. For example, I've been rating the Irish about a 70 all year (bar the first game of the season), and I think that's where we are, even today. Hopefully everyone can get into this rating system! Questions/comments/suggestions are welcome, since, you know, I don't run the show around here.

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