Carr Goes to the CFB Hall of Fame

In a stunning decision, former Fresno State Bulldog quarterback David Carr will be inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame.

Many of you remember Carr for being the first overall draft pick of the 2002 NFL Entry Draft, going to the expansion Houston Texans that year.

And even though he's flamed out as a starter in the League, do you remember Carr's last two seasons in Fresno where passed for over 7,000 yards with 69 touchdowns to only 21 interceptions?

Did you know that Carr named his son Austin? Well he did.

Even though Carr is now a seventh string backup with the 49ers, you can never take away this Hall of Fame membership from him.

Congratulations David!

Oh, whoops I'm's not David Carr, but Lloyd Carr going into the Hall of Fame.

But seriously congratulations to the former Michigan coach who compiled an impressive 122-40 (.753) record in Ann Arbor, including winning or sharing 5 Big Ten titles, and sharing the 1997 National Title.

I've always liked Carr, even though he was the coach at one our most hated rivals. He just seems like a genuinely nice guy, and someone who if you had to lose, you were happy it was to a quality person like him.

Carr did have the fortunate chance to compete against Notre Dame during his tenure at Michigan (1995-2007) as the Irish slumped through their worst 10+ year period ever, though.

If there's any consolation for Notre Dame fans, Carr (who has .5 more national titles than the deified Bo Schembechler) managed to "only" go 5-4 against the Irish during his reign in Ann Arbor.

If you're curious, Schembechler only went 4-6 against Notre Dame.

But to be fair, Michigan did unload some beatings on Notre Dame, while most of the Irish victories were slim (1998 being the exception---a 16-point ND victory).

In 2003, 2006, and 2007 the Carr-led Wolverines went 3-0 against Notre Dame and outscored the Irish 123 to 21.

The 47 points scored by Michigan inside Notre Dame Stadium in 2006, effectively murdering any national title hopes the Irish had that year, is the most put up by either side in this rivalry.

Anyway, there were other members joining the Hall of Fame class this year as well including:

Deion Sanders, Florida State

Eddie George, Ohio State

Marty Lyons, Alabama

Russell Maryland, Miami

Doug English, Texas

Rob Waldrop, Arizona

Carlos Alvarez, Florida

Bill Enyart, Oregon State

Jake Scott, Georgia

Will Shields, Nebraska

Sandy Stephens, Minnesota

Darryl Talley, West Virginia

Clendon Thomas, Oklahoma

Gene Washington, Michigan State

Fisher DeBerry (coach), Air Force

With so many candidates to pick from, this isn't like the Baseball Hall of Fame where only a few guys get in every year if we're lucky.

Every year college football gives a bunch of former student-athletes the highest honor.

When asked for a comment, Deion Sanders said he's going to "party it up like it's 1987."

Hey, he's earned it.

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